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Revenue Sharing Impasse

The prevailing impasse on sharable revenue is a public interest matter now turning into a thorny political issue that is courting so much grandstanding.

The import of devolution is and remains service delivery to the people of Kenya at the county level.

Senate remains the single most vital institutional custodian of devolution, and therefore the onus is on it to ensure that the stalemate is expeditiously resolved.

Granted, the Commission on Revenue Allocation has played its part in proposing a formula that is a function of wide consultation of the citizens and various parties.

There is no doubt that counties have been receiving large amounts of money and not accounting for that money, not utilizing it properly and in many instances misappropriation and outright theft is the norm.
This is a matter that has given rise to a constitutional moment and a sustainable solution will be found. In the meantime, the country is grappling with an even greater challenge, Covid 19.

As the spread of covid-19 continues, and the state of health services remains wanting due to shortage of funds, it must be the primary interest of Senate to appreciate that Kenya’s development timelines to meet the basic needs of the mwananchi is of utmost importance and I must say urgent!

It is for this reason that I urge that the Senate and Government authorities adopt the following recommendations for a win-win outcome:-

a) The revenue sharing should take into serious consideration population parameters, since the funds are meant for use by the people.

b) Increase significantly the money going to the equalization Fund whose purpose is to cushion marginalized counties. This will be achieved through an amendment of the Constitution through the BBI process.

c) The law governing administration of the Equalization Fund presently before the Senate should be fast tracked.

d) I also urge the EACC, The Office of the DPP and the Director of Criminal Investigations to act swiftly and bring to book the County Officials involved in misappropriation of funds intended for the mwananchi.

e) That County Assemblies should move swiftly to impeach any County Governor found culpable for misappropriation of public funds.

The objects of Devolution must not be tinkered with since devolved governance is the backbone of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya firmly believes in, and champions for Devolution and every enabling pillar. Therefore I urge Wiper leaders in the Senate to stand guided.

May God Bless Kenya

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