Patricia mutheu

Mlango Kubwa MCA Patriciah Mutheu was on Tuesday clobbered by police during chaos that erupted at City Hall.

A section of MCAs had attempted to serve Speaker Beatrice Elachi an impeachment notice signed by 59 of them.

There was a heavy contingent of police present at City Hall as they barred the MCAs who also wanted to serve Elachi with a court order suspending the appointment Edward Gichana as the clerk of the assembly.

However, Elachi locked herself in her office as the police prevented the MCAs from accessing the Speaker’s office.

Mutheu said she was beaten by police officers after refusing to run when chaos escalated in the assembly.

“I was alone and not causing a disturbance as I waited for my members to serve the notice of impeachment when tear gas canisters were lobbed,” she said.

“I just had surgery a few months ago so I couldn’t run when tear gas was lobbed. A policeman identified as Mwaniki came with a rungu and banged it on the table, ordering me to run but I couldn’t run because of my condition,” she added.

It was at this juncture that the legislator says the police officer raised the rungu and beat her.

“The rungu was aimed at my face and when I blocked it , my hand got hit. Three other police joined him and they dragged me on the floor and beat me,” Mutheu explained

Mutheu was accompanied by women leaders to Central police station to report the abuse.

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