Shame on you #kieleweke it’s Moses bringing you home….


It should never be forgotten that it’s Moses Kuria who popularized “One Man One Vote One Shilling” mantra!!

Before Census MK was insisting on biometric method of conducting the exercise as other leaders were all over singing Hossana to the blind King! He went further to say Camels should never be counted as people!!! He wanted the right statistics for equitable resources allocation!!

During the much published BBI Meru Chapter MK was on record saying Mt. Kenya is all about “One Man One Vote One Shilling” as other speakers were hell bent on just insulting the DP William Samoei Ruto

Shame on you #Kieleweke, it’s MK who is bringing you home!!

In all this it’s MK who have stood with Mt. Kenya matters Counties Revenue Allocation!!
MK has been genuine!!

Congratulations njamba wa Ruriri

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