HUSTLERmovement spokesperson DENNIS ITUMBI FORMER presidential Communications Unit (PSCU) senior directors give basic questions and strategic they used to market president uhuru KENYATTA back 2011.

Deputy Prime Minister, Uhuru Kenyatta had three main threats to his State House ambition.

And now Uhuru Kenyatta is enjoying Denni s strategy

He agreed with the SWOT Analysis that told him…

1 People say you were born with a Silver Spoon in your mouth

2. That you are a child of Privilege, who knows no struggle, things came to you

3. You do not even know the price of bread or milk

4. By the way do you know where Kariobangi is located? Baba Ndogo and a few other places we mentioned to him in the brutally honest conversation.

5. Do you have a story beyond Royalty? Ever slept hungry? Ever been broke? Have you ever wanted something and you could NOT afford?

6. Ever bought anything Mutumba? Second hand?

7. Did you ever apply for a job and you were told No Way? Or even worse no response came your way?

8. Have you ever stressed on where Rent will come from?

There were 18 questions on this topic. Provocative, some unfair – but if we were to succeed, we needed honest answers from the CHARISMATIC leader who sat and took notes as the team took him through questions that would inform an energetic campaign.

He was not a commoner. He was a PRINCE – even to us in the room.

I swear before that day, despite my age and years in Nairobi, I had not known Alcohol is sold in large Bottles.

It was that day, asked to come in with a bottle of Jameson, that I learnt there is pombe that is sold in 1 litre bottles such as Jameson and Singleton. Dennis narrates ✅

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