How Corona will affect Kenya and poor countries

Alright then, let’s talk about vaccines for a moment. Allow me to begin.

Vaccines in the US throughout all history and their testing procedures have evidently caused food allergies, seizures in babies and autism in children. Every time there’s an outbreak, vaccines had to get produced in mass production as a breakaway solution to serve billions of people of a different group which the doctors didn’t even include in their testing procedures.

Among other things, doctors get paid for recommending certain antidepressants, pharmaceutical pills, tablets, syrups and other prescription drugs for patients. Oh, also for telling patients how bad the injury, disease, miscarriage or cancer/tumor has spread in the patient’s body via mitosis and how long they have left to live; they also get a stipend salary or wage for that too.

The NMR vaccines, polio vaccines, Gardusli vaccines and the Moderma vaccines, SARS-Block(latest Russian nanoscience-based vaccine) had their testing stages but those testing stages would last only 2-5 days or merely just a week. This not only proves to us that they are rushing a science but also that they really have a hidden agenda. They say it’s urgent due to the nature of the virus. Bullshit! It’s like they already knew the solution to the problem long ago before telling the public about the problem in this case the Corona virus. Chinese governments knew about the virus 6 weeks before publicly announcing it as an outbreak in 2020. There you go.

To further substantiate that they are rushing for trillions of dollars is that they skip the most important key parts of the medical tests. They ignore and never test against the Placebo Effect, they ignore the fact that the ferrets which they used in the Animal testing study actually died when they were brought face to face with the Corona virus itself after being vaccinated. This animal trial is called a Challenge Study. There you go, negative results and outcomes but the vaccines so suddenly and rapidly are in mass production right now as we speak.

Vaccines in their testing procedures take 45 volunteers who are often young, healthy, with no diabetes, no hepatitis, no autoimmune diseases and no allergies at all. Then about 15 patients are given highly concentrated doses, then another 15 are given medium doses and the last 15 young healthy volunteers are given low doses. They use them to claim that the vaccines are not harmful and are effective but hide the fact that there are major downsides to them. Any evidence which reveals the huge bad side effects is destroyed, burnt or classified. And any doctor who would try to reveal the deadly effects of such vaccines gets silenced, retrenched, threatened, killed or thrown in a psychopathological institute where they remain there until death.

Doctors who keep quiet about this are promised a lump sum of money, knowing that such vaccines were tested only on the healthy youth but will be distributed globally to the rest of the population who are overweight, old, allergic, have asthma, hereditary diseases, genetic disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, bronchitis and others are regular smokers and alcoholics. How do you think such vaccines are going to affect such groups of people? Although the government may ban some of these substances but nevertheless it still legalizes them over and over and over and over again.

The government is like a dangerous mom who feeds her child antidepressants only for the child to get worse, stay obedient to her and under the 3 spells of the letter D. The 3Ds namely: Dependency, Debility and Dread. Ultimately inducing many bad syndromes to the child like Stockholm syndrome and Munchausen Syndrome. Munchausen Syndrome is to traumatize someone so badly that they become open to hypnotic suggestions. That way the victimizer gains power over the victim. If this power-relationship goes on for too long the victim ends up being so anxious, fearful of the oppressor that he/she falls in love with the oppressor or better yet sees the victimizer as an angel or god lover who in quotation marks “helps him/her heal. Assists them as their caretaker guardian.” At that stage the oppressed has lost his/her mind and can never break out of the hypnotic spell. This is called Stockholm Syndrome. Go look it up. I’m not making this up. It’s as serious as it gets. More often than not, someone else would have to break the spell. The entire global population is under such a spell.

As a matter of fact, vaccines are highly toxic and in all of history no vaccine was ever proven to be a cure or even highly effective for that matter in a positive fashion without severe disadvantages. You’re better off without it. Don’t buy into the scamdemic or plandemic or national scandal whatsoever. Most medical textbooks are inaccurate, deceptive and never adequately studied. Vaccines are only designed to treat the symptoms and not to cure anyone but create dependency just like pharmaceutical pills and medical drugs are designed to be. Big Pharma only cares about making money. Anything pharmaceutical even medical weed is bad. Don’t ever smoke medical weed! Refer to Dr A. Greenberg, MD- a retired physician.

It’s a plan of the elite (deep state government) to depopulate the planet for mass wealth accumulation, land ownership and privatisation, mineral theft just like in Apartheid, water, means of production, food, global resources and all information in disseminating false unverified data. With little people remaining on planet Earth, they will not feel outnumbered and will demonstrate their global distribution of power medically, economically, politically, scientifically, illegally, indoctrinationally via cults and cultures, religiously, educationally and financially.

These hijackers of our global economy are still operating in the shadows and are but not all actually in plain sight. Right among us. They are properties of dark occult forces and aim to continually dumb down the population by electric 5G Towers, water chlorination, lead/fluoridated toothpastes, alcohol, nicotine addiction and by paying the unemployed R350 little pension grants so as to not strike but stay at home or in quarantine nor to complain but remain complacent, complicit and obedient to the government as they slowly steal their basic human Constitutional rights away.

It’s odd how humans get satisfied by even the little amount of money especially when promised that they shall get it again. You can even see this in a poor homeless person’s facial expression when you give him/her a dime or penny for bread. The program for the love of money runs so deep that detaching from material wealth is almost next to impossible. Anyway, it’s your funeral.

Humanity is being dehumanized right now as we speak. They can’t hug, they can’t assemble, they can’t share information like this on social media platforms because it’ll get banned, censored and they get threatened by unknown phone callers, they can’t travel freely internationally, they don’t have freedom of speech, they must wear masks, sanitize their hands, buy lots of tissues, keep within 1.5 to 3.5 metres of social distancing, wear facemasks like sick patients and slaves, self-isolate themselves from everyone, remain in lockdown, keep quiet and remain in quarantine to get vaccinated after being tested with false positives or diagnosed with the supposed symptoms of the Corona virus such as coughing, throat sores, hiccups, fever, drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, sneezing, sleep deprivation and other claimed symptoms for this so-called Covid-19 Wuhan Flu originating from eating bats, snakes, moles and wet meats in wet markets of Wuhan city in China.

How convenient. Now they say it can spread via the air and they even made a fear-based movie called Contagion that played on SABC 3 to scare people off their feet and program their subconscious mind with fear for this corona virus. Is that why they ask everyone to wear facemasks? Probably. They do this fear-spreading propaganda everyday on the news on TV, Twitter, Facebook, Radio, Newspapers and other methods for spreading this propagandist Agenda 21- Agenda for the 21st Century. It seems that various mutations of this virus seem to happen from H1N1 to H2N2 in pigs to SARS Cove 19 to Corona virus to Covid-19 from bats & snakes to Hanta-virus in rats to STFS in ticks with a 12-30% fatality rate in China.

An evolving virus it seems. Soon it shall be broadcasted to be present in chicken meat, boerewors, biltong and burgers (you can only imagine the fear that people would have about that). Besides in 2018-2019 in French polony and vienna meat, russian meat, minced meat there was said to be some pandemic virus called Listeriosis. This was one of the ways to shutdown companies like Enterprise. Now, they managed to shutdown the entire economy as well as millions of businesses, small, corporate and entrepreneurship based businesses.

The plan seems to be working perfectly just fine! It is ultimately from my financial-economic perspective a financial-policy battle between vaccine multinational companies like CDC (funded by Bill Gates), Big Pharma, WHO (World Health Organisation); also funded by Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Steven Fauci) and other multi-corporate complex companies. Vaccine multinational companies in different countries like Russia, Bolivia, Scandinavia, Chile, Britain, Canada, Sweden, China, America, Italy, Australia.

They hide the 2019 September Crash or collapse of the Shadow Banking Systems with the Corona virus. This was outlined by Robert Kiyosaki and is termed the Black Swan. They try to bail their black budgets using hedge funds, black sands, UBI(Universal Basic Income), Wall Street, Treasury, Federal Reserve Banks, IMF, private monasteries, South African Reserve Banks included if you stay in South Africa. They do this by purposefully and intentionally putting students and the working peasant middle-class under debt by lending them non-existent money called “Credit” or “student loans” and “bursaries” by also charging the borrower interest so that when the borrower pays back he/she pays back the credit or loan or mortgage bond plus interest. Why? Where’s this interest coming from? Nowhere!!! They made it all up!!!

If you don’t repay then you get blacklisted, reported as criminal and your property assets get taken away from you including your most prized one. Your house or mansion. This means that private banks actually own your shelter and if you don’t pay rent, it’s all over for you and your household. Doesn’t matter whether you live in RDP houses or are living luxuriously in motels etc. You have to pay for the services if not there are consequences.

All that money is in the world in fact is: Credit, debt and taxes. That’s all that money is. Have you ever asked yourself why the proletarians get taxed so much? Why after earning that paycheck from boss it never feels enough? It’s the taxes. You get taxed income tax. By the moment you get paid dear proletariat, income tax has already been deducted from your pays scale and you shall further get taxed via VAT (Value Added Tax) when you buy. In fact even when you borrow money you do get taxed and that kind of tax is called Interest.

Whether you invest, pay or whatnot. Whether they use fancy names like Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Cash payment Journals (CPJs), General Ledgers, Cash Receipts Journals (CRJs), Petty Cash Journals (PCJs). Because people don’t know the real definition of what an asset and a liability really is they tend to misinterpret and misunderstand how to even correctly read their Financial Statements.

So these bankers may lie to the consumers and say it is zero-interest rate but in the end, they find themselves paying more than what they actually borrowed from the bank. It’s the interest rate that’s causing this although charted accountants or bank invoices may make up more reasons just to charge you extra. What a fucked up world.

South Africa just doesn’t seem skilled enough nor with a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) high enough to produce its own vaccine. Even the GNP (Gross National Product) is low in South Africa. Although the South African Rand may be stronger than some neighboring African countries such as Zimbabwe, Ghana, Sudan, Pakistan, Angola, Tanzania etc. So I guess president Ramaphosa shall sign treaty deals (behind the scenes) with other countries for the mass production of vaccines in exchange for tremendous amounts of capital or minerals which will forevermore put South Africa in extreme dangerous debt to other countries considering the fact that South Africa is still a developing Third World country.

Let alone, South Africa gave up its nuclear power weapons long ago, therefore it can never compete in war nor stand a chance to protect itself against bullying countries. I guess South Africa will purchase the vaccines in bulk with money that it doesn’t even have. This is what we call credit and because people don’t understand money, they can’t even keep track of their expenditure which are ultimately liabilities. The following are examples of liabilities (things that take money out of your pocket via leakage and severe taxation instead of bringing in money via injection:

From 1971 to 2020 and still counting, the world is in extreme debt and they will never ever tell you this on TV. Expect this economy to crash. Why? About 4 trillion dollars are needed to alleviate poverty but the money printing machines must print 22.4 trillion more dollars to rectify and cover costs and expenditures that this virus has caused as well as to repair damages incurred. That’s when the machines will stop and the economy goes down. Besides no one wants to be responsible for paying such amounts of money. Not even the richest man Jeff Bezos is willing to take the blame. So they had to come up with a logical excuse i.e. Corona virus. Think about, why everytime when there’s an epidemic,

Around 2009, President Obama went to the private banks and asked them to put people in more debt especially students. Why? Because they needed more money. So the students would be under debt under the guise of good higher tertiary education. Beat it! Governments don’t mind printing more money but they will run out of paper and this will mean more deforestation and hence pollution on the planet. Nevertheless, they give no shit about that. As long as they can get dumb people in debt, that brings a smile to their faces because you owe them. That’s what we call a “frenzy repossession of asset wealth.” You lose the game the moment you get your ass into debt.

Credit cards/creditor, debit cards/debitor. Insurance. Bankruptcy. Certificate of Deposits. Floating rate funds. Annual maintenance. Annual contribution paychecks for IRA and 401K retirement accounts. Short period stock markets and non-index funds with high-risk. Municipal rates. SARS fiscal corporate taxes. Social security. Medicare taxes. After-tax. FICA tax. SUI. FUTA( Federal Unemployment Tax). Installments. Property tax. Retainer fees from financial advisors and financial planners. Sole proprietorship. Choosing wrong business entities like non-LLCs. Non-licensed professionals. Having no subcontractor lease agreements. Decreasing stockholder loyalties. SECs (Securities and Exchange Commissions). Non-escrow premiums.

Not being protected from lawsuits or using fake scroll parchments and fake money will also get you in trouble. Yet, banks are allowed to circulate fake money like credit. During Roman times they could make counterfeit gold and silver coins whereby the Roman coins were covered with impure, bad quality fake gold alloy sheets mixed with silver.

So what makes you think that today such counterfeit money didn’t evolve to something more hard to spot for people today? Credit is the fake money in modern society nothing more nothing less. Same game. Different names; different terms. They tax and extract money from you till you die. As long as you get taxed like crap, you will never be rich and you lose the game. Seems there’s even a tax amount that they subtract from your earned money from being unemployed especially in these SASSA grants. Is that why it’s so little, R350? Could they have already deducted this FUTA tax?

They are economic bastards who are able to cleverly execute their cash heist plans by lying to people and were able to get away with it. They are still able to get away with it using Liability Protection Laws or Acts which they themselves created. They are well educated though, they went to Harvard, Stanford, MIT and other universities. They clearly orchestrated this financial and socio-economic hierarchical ziggurat structure game. Pyramid wealth. Therefore you have mass capital concentrated on the hands of a few at the apex or uppermost top of the pyramid hierarchy in comparison to very little capital concentrated on the hands of the many at the base or lowermost bottom of the money-ladder.

What can we do?

1. Do not put yourself in debt. This is really a terrible time for that although they may trick you by saying that due to Covid-19 interest rates are low and set repayments can be extended for long periods or even delayed to some degree. This is nonsense and is a false attempt to lead you into unnecessary debt. The consequences still remain the same and due to the unpredictable nature of this virus, the socio-economic structure, status quo, stock markets and periodic debts remain unpredictable. Remember stock markets reflect the emotions of society which fluctuate from time to time with inflation (high taxes and interest rates) and deflation (printing of more money, diversity and liquidation).

2. Do not watch only the news. If you can tolerate fear based media then that’s you. However, do your own research. Start being your own Press from now on. Dont believe anything the news tell you until you have personally verified it. Do not use one browser like Google only, use others as well like Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, UC Browser, Internet Explorer, Dolphin Browser, Cheetah Browser etc. Use YouTube, read books, listen to certain radio stations and communicate with people in social media for further enquiries and even your neighbors or friends in your community. Empower each other.

3. Read more posts like this. Stay informed and vigilant. This is not the time to be stupid and be ignorant. Understand? In the days of this new century, lack of information will get you killed and heavily taxed like a headless chicken. Any questions you have or anything you might wish to share contact me at Please do not hesitate.

4. It’s time to be financially literate. Read books written by rich people and hear what they say about money and wealth. Don’t listen to bankers and accountants who are merely worker bees themselves who can get fired anytime by their employers. So don’t ever expect job security as an employee and don’t even expect to be rich. How so? Because once you start working like a drug addict it’ll be very hard to stop or qui easily. Why? Because you run a rat race and more often than not you wish to impress society by buying material wealth and showing off just how ‘rich’ you are. Right? Or to be independent because your parents really annoy you. Maybe for fear of ‘social death.’ nor returning with nothing back to the rural settlements. There are many endless reasons why you might want to get rich but either way, don’t expect to make it while working for someone else. You not only make them richer but you insult and undermine your talents, skills and abilities when you do that. Imagine an A student working for D Student. Absurd right? But you do it everytime. Your boss is either a dropout or not so learned as you are.

5. Clear your mind off some bullshit. Do things that make you happy. Always. Also you should make sure you get enough rest and sleep. Exercise to boost your immune system. Drink lots of water and meditate. Maintain a healthy diet and eat some fruits. This will load your body with vitamins and minerals. It will also make you more open minded to receive more data and learn faster everyday.

6. Please don’t be selfish, share this information to people you care about and save lives because 99.97% of the global population doesn’t need vaccines. Remember earlier in this blog, I said that 45 volunteer-patients had various sedative doses of vaccines? Well, each person will have to take a 72 dose concentration solution of Xethromax, Chloroquine and other carcinogenic compounds within the vaccines. The side effects will trigger Antibody Immune Enhancement (a response/defense mechanism of the human immune system to excrete toxic debris or viruses as a result of poisoning. Refer to Exosomes and Cytology). This Antibody Immune Enhancement according to Steven Fauci and Dr Ishar Rashid could make people more sick causing death rates to rise up to 35 million, 10%, 40% or even up to 80% of the global human population. That would an extinction level threat and a prophecy of the 6th Mass Extinction fulfilled right in scientist’s faces. Bill Gates and his wife would probably smile if this would happen.

7. We are the cure ourselves and there is a method to do this. I teach this method in my books. If you wish to learn consider purchasing my books. So far I have written two volumes. Volume 1 is called “Know Thyself as Light” and it teaches you about chakras, where that are located in your body, how they work and how you are actually a luminous being of light. Knowing this changes everything you thought you knew about this reality, this world and how it works. With new insight like this, you get to play a different game and approach on acquiring money. Using the law called the Law of Attraction. All this in book 1 volume 1. Refer to my other blog post “How you create your Reality in depth.”

8. After following the instructions from Book 1. You will now be immune to anything coming your way but you need to be able to protect yourself from negative frequencies, negative entities and be able to identify them and know their methods of manipulation and tyranny. So consider purchasing book 2 for this. Book 2 – Know Thyself as Darkness delves deep into the actual runners of this current world system of things and where they came from and where they possibly are right now as we speak. It unveils their plans for the future and also how to evade this and stay protected from their negative low vibrational influence. Book 2 is a dark book but it also leaves you with hope and even more power over yourself. It is key for exposure and awareness of the dark forces around us and how to combat them as well as their tactics of lowering our resonance frequency with the Earth and Universe as they try to disturb us from using the Law of Attraction effectively. Therefore be aware what you’re up against. For one of the rough ideas on how to shield your energy from low ebbing dark entities; refer to my blog post “How to use Crystals of Christ.”

9. Learn about nutrition, herbal medicine and other naturopathic physicians available. Eat organic food. Avoid GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and see traditional doctors or visit retreats to experience higher dimensions and worlds which will ultimately heal you, release your anxieties and will lighten up your mood and make you feel more happy, connected to earth and its nature. Yes. Get a psychedelic plant. Become a psychonaut or an ethnobotanist to know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t in terms of curing diseases and ailments. Refer to Dennis McKenna, Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, Neville Goddard and Audrey Marcus.

10. Finally, invest your money in things that will make you a better person. Although budgeting is important. It is also important to learn how to grow your money so it doesn’t stay stagnant and the same budgeted amount all the time. And for God’s sake, know your money. Know the real difference between an asset and a liability!! I also offer money coaching lessons, financial advice and provide tips on how to grow your wealth more easily.

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