NICE COUPLES FROM MARTOH MURITHI 💕 She came in with a Boy and to date, he is my Son THRIVING COUPLES KE

Allow me to talk to my fellow Peers in marriage. Ladies and Gentlemen. When you get into Marriage and you have a child that you got before marriage please take him/her in the new family.
Well, we just clocked 8 years recently in our marriage. She came in with a Boy and to date, he is my Son too. He is my First Born and we have two more Beautiful kids. His son is our First Born and the bond between the kids is UNBREAKABLE.
How did I do this, well; in the Ruracio we negotiated everything during Kuhanda Githigi, we went Deep and also contributed the Substantial Price to take up the child as per the Kikuyu Tradition. Good People this is done Traditionally whereas you remove the Bride price you contribute the Goat for the child and therefore you are given the blessings and the rights to remove the child from the in-law’s house to yours officially as the father.
When you do that you make it clear before God and your parents and Wazee that No other Mans Money should ever make its way in your Home in the name of Child Support. You become the father and the Husband and also a son to that home. Naturally, you need to create a good home to blend the new child and make him/her feel at home and loved.
8-years in marriage I know his shoe size as that of the others, I do take care of all the bills I can and support equally as the Father.

Ladies & Gentlemen please never neglect your kids in the name of new marriage if someone is serious about getting involved with you let them take the whole family as you come.

It is very important today as most of the new couples have kids before they are married and should we not re-look into this. Our kids will be raised outside the homes they are meant to grow up in.

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