It’s now Official….

Othaya Town the political base of President Mwai Kibaki for 40 Years (4 decades) is now the most filthy and dirty Town in the Republic of Kenya!!!

Trash is everywhere!!! Maggots are oozing freely from the rubbish strewn all over!!!
Someone somewhere is trying to pass a message but in a very awkward and backward manner!!!

Cholera and other dirtiness diseases might set in any time from now!!!!

Othaya Town is home to all of us in Othaya Constituency… That is Iria-ini, Karima, Mahiga and Chinga…. Yes we own this town!!!

We shall not watch helplessly as garbage and dirt joins Covid 19 pandemic in competing to kill our people!!!!

If this garbage is not collected in the next 14 days by those supposed to do it, (Fourteen days!), We shall start a citizen’s campaign of removing this garbage by ourselves!!!!
We shall mobilise the Othaya Community to raise funds to pay for the disposal of this garbage even if it will be disposed in dumpsites as far away as Nairobi!!!!
Othaya will not be allowed to go to the dogs as we watch helplessly!!!!

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