I know you must be weakened by the outcome of the election just like I am but you should not loose hope guys. If you have been keenly listening to our principle, he has always told us Mission 2021 instead of Election 2021. Remember, you can loose a battle but still win the war because a battle is a subset of a war just like an election is part of the struggle for freedom.

If all our fore fathers of liberation lost hope in the first place then they wouldn’t have made it. Mandela was jailed for many years before securing freedom for the People of South Africa, Martin Luther was assassinated but still his mission yielded fruits, and also, dictator M7 himself lost an election of 1980 before becoming a rebel. He even didn’t make 2%.

Also remember; There was no election before Gadaffi was toppled, Hossin Mubarak had won with 86% before toppling him, Bashir had gotten 93% before People saw him off so M7 shouldn’t think that its over after fraudulently giving himself 58%.

Even if the results were genuine still it would be a success and a big step towards liberation because it’s not very easy for a new party of about 5 months, having passed through the hardest and toughest mobilisation and campaigns to score that mark and even emerge the leading opposition party in parliament.

I want to congratulate my legally elected president HE Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert for such a great fight that he led since 2017 up to now. I also congratulate all Ugandans for coming out in large numbers and exerted a big statement amidst intimidation and harassment. As of now, our President Kyagulanyi has already done his part; Awakening the People, mobilising the People, Exposing the dictator and legally winning the dictator. With what Kyagulanyi has done to M7, he will never again hide under the pretence of democracy to fool the international community most especially the donor community. Right now M7 is compared to Amin or even worse!

Am very sure even after dictator M7 has illegally maintained himself in power still he is worried not sure of the future ahead of him because he knows the truth that people strongly rejected him. That’s why Corona Virus will still be a big weapon in his hands because he wants to use it to stop People from demostrating.

Stay strong, stay optimistic, well knowing that oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. And whenever you be like loosing hope and energy, alway remeber that Kyagulanyi was mean’t to be President and indeed he will be in the name of God.
One day we shall be free!


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