Jubilee is dead~jubille top political advisor~joe mithamo


The people running Jubilee in Pangani are a bunch of morons who are simply crazy, drunk or are hell bent on destroying the party. They have lost touch with the people. Washenzi sana!

How the hell do you wake up in the middle of a by-election in Central Kenya and announce to the whole world that Jubilee is merging with ODM?

What do these gladiators in Pangani smoke? Remember they kicked the likes of Hon. William Kabogo Gitau Hon Naisula Lesuuda Hon Maison Leshoomo etc during those crazy nominations under Ruto instructions, joined KANU and won apart from kabogo. That’s the day Uhuru loyal leaders were sent home by the Jubilee Tuju movement . Sasa ona !!

Couldn’t they wait until Kariri Njama had sailed through and then announce to the whole world their intentions?

Alafu, the way the party is being run down is leaving a lot of nagging questions. Or is it being run down intentionally like Uchumi Supermarket , Nakumatt or Mumias Sugar ? Infact, Jubilee should be audited.

Tuju’s company are a big liability to the party. Not only should they be evicted from the party headquarters, but they should be shot on the buttocks. They are running Jubilee like a personal kiosk or like Keg joint running out of stock. Even a committee of drunks from the village could have done a better job than them. Bure kabisa!

And how does a whole ruling party loose in its own base with a popular candidate like Kariri Njama ? Something is a miss.

When did the rain start beating Jubilee?
Maybe when Jubilee stopped taking stock of the political situation in the country and went on auto pilot.

Jubilee leadership needs to be overhauled asap. It needs fresh and young blood to revitalize it ahead of the general elections. Like TNA. Its entire structures need to be reactivated. Kabisaaaa!

To be honest, the party has basically lost touch with its base simply because it’s not addressing the common Mwanachi problems.

The main problem is the economy. Ok, we understand it’s a global phenomena caused by the corona pandemic, but for Pete Sake why increase the taxes for the suffering mwanachi instead of widening the tax base and fighting corruption?

How do you increase the price of basic commodities in the middle of a pandemic even when finding a job is like looking for a needle in haystack and expect people to smile all the way to the ballot?

And yes, a lot of Kenyans are not happy, not just the people of Kiambaa. People are really suffering because of this curfew and they are calling for the easing of the measures.

A lot of people especially in the hospitality industry (bars and restaurants) have lost their jobs due the curfew. The farmers, who also depend hugely on supplying to hotels and restaurants, are stuck with their farm produce in the stores. They are angry with the government. They want to go back to their normal lives and are saying they are more scared of hunger and poverty than Covid.

Kiambu County being Nairobi’s main bedroom, and especially Kiambaa, hosts many of the people who are reeling under the current economic hardships. Not only the people working in the mainstream economy, but even those who thrive during the wee hours of the night such as commercial sex workers and karumaindo workers.

Basically, to sum it all, one fellow from a village called Mucatha told me that they don’t eat roads; they want food on the table.

Lastly, when a ruling party looses a by-election election such as Juja and Kiambaa which is like a vote of no confidence, the most honorable thing for someone like Tuju is to resign like the day before yesterday. We are not happy.

Blessed evening folks!

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