Dp William ruto letter he responded to Catholic bishops about unity


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Date: 16th September, 2021

The Chairman,

Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops
he catholic Secretariat

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Your Grace,

Greetings in the name of Christ, our Lord,

Your statement of 15 September, 2021, “A CALL TO KEEP HOPE ALIVE” is a most
welcome development. I am aware that the statement was addressed to the people
of kenya 8enerally. Dut find it necessary to write to you because of its focus on the
responsibility or political leaders and especialy the Presidency which I am part of. As
a leader and Deputy President, therefore. I register my agreement with your message

and the exhortation there in.

Kenya faces challenges. a number of which threaten the welfare of individuals as well
as the sustainability of national cohesion and stability. It is our responsibility to
marshal all efforts to solve these problems, and to ensure that Government policy
honours the freedom., dignity and humanity of Kenyans in word and deed.

in any event, nothing done in the name of leadership or Government should have

the erfect of making Kenyans worse off with respect to freedom, assaulting dignity or
eroding humanity.

On the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (EBC). I support your
well-considered vieWs.

The commission should have the support it requires to successtully oversee next years
General Election. The appointment of a substantive commission chief executive
officer is long overdue

lt is urgent for Parliament to proceed with the outstanding legislative changes needed
to facilitate the efficient. democratic and transparent management of the election.
On this score, I commit to mobilise legislators to rally behind this cause.

also support your statement on the sanctity of the election date and your call to
discourage any illegal attempts to postpone the elections scheduled for August next


Of particular note is the raft of illegitimate proposed constitutional changes which
threaten independence of our arms of government and the basic framework of our
Constitution. The broad institutional implication of such changes as well as its cavalier
procedural approach. poses long-term problems for the nation. Deviating from the
pathway set out by the Constitution and the rule of law poses serious threat to peace,
national unity and stability. We must always honour these foundational principles so
as to evove our democracy.

equally agree with you on politicalintolerance. Iregret to share observations which
indicate that, for a while noW. this intolerance has tound violent expression. In
Naromoru, Nyeri County, Kisil County. Taita Taveta County and Kenol in Murang a:
violent attacks were waged, unrestrained by heavy security presence, in a manner
suggesting unacceptable complicity.

The entire premise of the formation of our administration was a return to
brotherhood, cohesion and peace as a foundation for broad-based socio-economic

transtormation of Kenya. we reallsed that as leaders, the President and I hailed from
communities whose frequent politically-instigated antagonism had vexed the nation
tor decades. and that we had an opportunity to change it and, indeed. to reconcile
and unity all communities of Kenya.

It is in this context that I regard. with profound concern, the re-emergence of
intolerant and violent tendencies. especially in connection with political

It is also for this reason that I appreciate with humility your concerns about the state
of my relationship with His Excellency the President in the context of peace and
tranquility in the country.

I want to give you my assurance that I hold nothing against His Excellency the
President. supported him unconditionally and respect his mandate as Head of State
and Government. I have had the privilege and honour of serving as the Deputy
President for nine years during which much has been attempted and much achieved.

I have also respected the President’s decision to configure his administration as he
considers most suited for the best expression of his vision and delivery of government

I say this., not to minimize or dismiss your concerns which have been expressed in
many other ways by Kenyans of all walks of life. Having said that, I want you. the
Most Reverend Bishops, to know that I am willing, ready and available to participate
without any conditions whatsoever, in any forum that you may find necessary to
address and resolve these concerns. Meanwhile, and as before, I will continue to offer
advice both in private and public on matters of national importance when called
upon or when I consider necessary as is required of me by the Constitution.

Thank you your Graces.

Keep praying for Kenya.

Yours Sincerely


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